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sunday 6th july 2014

sunday 24th march 2013
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The Gomarasca-Comincioli family welcomes the public entering its house.
I'm sitting on a chair in a corner of the room, facing a wall where several posters are put up, including the one I just added : a photo of the empty space.
Earlier I put a clock and a snowball in front of the sink tap.
As spectators are ending to settle, I start counting.
Occasionally we hear voices from four different locations.
In the room where I am with the audience, the voice of Alessandro Gomarasca is heard from a first speaker.
In the background of the adjoining room, a second hidden speaker plays the voice of Luci Comincioli.
A third high speaker hidden behind the kitchen bar, plays simultaneously the voices of the organizers of the performance : Marianne de Boer and Nicolas Chaigneau.
Via a fourth speaker placed behind the door leading to the hallway, we can hear the voice of Asia, Luci and Alessandro's daughter.
Sometimes a tram passes behind the living room window.