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  • Yannick Guédon
  • choirmaster, composition
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radio broadcast 'l'heure de pointe' - Radio Panik, Brussels

With _ _ _ _ _ _ _ s , I create a sound portrait of all the people gathered for the occasion, as one does for a group photo at a wedding, or for a class photo or for a sports group.
To create this portrait, a textual score leads each person to introduce themselves at the same time as all the other members of the group. At the beginning, for example, everyone says simultaneously: "My name is (followed by their name)". When you listen to it, you can hear clearly "my name", but the identities that were to be revealed fade into the mass of sound constituted by all the names of the group.

In order to keep its playful and dynamic character, the portrait is realized in the manner of a choir.
There is no public performance. The idea is to gather everyone to discover and rehearse the score before recording it to broadcast it on a local radio.

This piece is dedicated to Stephan Dunkelman, co-founder of the Semaine du Son in Belgium.