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acousmatic version
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version for voice, electroacoustic, light and video
  • Yannick Guédon
  • Jean-Michel Olivares
  • Frédéric Petit
  • Stéphane Zarouati
  • voice
  • electroacoustic
  • video
  • light

infimie is a variation on only one note, leading to a continuous exploration of voice mobility.
The singer makes his way into the audience area which is distorted and blurred by the electroacoustic and light scores.

The vocal score involves a fine variation of vowels and resonators. It tends to overlap sounds in a progressive way using harmonics, a staining of consonants such as hissing and sibilating, and the different possibilities of the tongue articulations.
The tiny and slow development of timbres do not seek any end and create a continuous sensation of eluding time.
The singer defines his path through the audience considering the various acoustic potentials of the venue which will modify the tone of his voice.

The electroacoustic part broadcasts two simultaneous sound partitions. The first quietly creates minute interferences to the voice to enrich or filter it. The second focuses on disturbing and mystifying the nature of the sound environment.
At the same time, two partitions of light will gradually transform and draw on the visual space of the spectator. One is based on in situ light sources and creates a kind of place marking. The other proceeds with a slow spreading of light lines with a videoprojector. Both explore the reality of the spatial context while attempting to modify it subtly.

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production | ensemble thymes
with the kind support of
Conseil Régional Languedoc-Roussillon
Conseil Général de l'Hérault
the city of Montpellier

kind acknowledgments to
la Baignoire/Cie Les Perles de Verre
the National Choreographic Center of Montpellier

Etre en Scène/Cie Yann Lheureux
the secundary school of of Lansargues
Nicolas Volland and Association Départementale Danse & Musique 34 (Hérault)
Alexandra Charvet
Fabien Dutartre
Laurent Olivares