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The second piece soupir challenges the musicians to perform with impossible accuracy.

The piece spells out the aphorism - "each second, each breath is a work that is inscribed nowhere." * - with each letter corresponding to a specific sound.
During the increasing silences between each sound, the performers must breathe in and out with the beat.
As the piece develops, this rule becomes progressively difficult for the musicians to respect.

Furthermore, the performers are hindered in their attempts to play in synchronization as they are sitting in a circle, facing each others' backs. This layout limits their vision to just one member of the group and prevents them from relying on any visual cues.

For each performer, the challenge is therefore to face various constraints while finding a balance between complexity, thwarted mutual listening and the creative potential of the process.

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recorded by thomas charmetant 30th january 2011 in la baignoire | montpellier

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